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Red Leg, You sound like a person that know a thing or two about SxS shotguns. Shotguns speak in many voices and fortunate are those of us who hear more than one. It does have an ejector problem with the right barrel.

Case coloring by Turnbull. His advice was invaluable. This Trojan had its original stock broken thorugh the wrist and the forend was very worn.

  • Custom Stock Making is the majority of the type of work that I do.
  • It doesn't matter what powder you use, or what the load, the guns are dangerous.
  • If I just need to kill a couple of pheasants or geese, the gun doesn't need to handle well, so I can shoot a Parker that is a real pig between the hands, like a big old Damascus ten.
  • Having said that, I know they have a big following as well.

Antique Double Barrel Shotgun Manufacturers

When those guns were introduced a few years ago, I thought man when the day comes, I want one of those. Are there particular issues or problems one should check out when shopping for a Parker? We find this to be a necessary tool when determining a value. Nothing fancy, but gets a few looks at the range. All screws were replaced or repaired.

Is the original Parker really a dream shotgun

Parker shotgun dating

The good natured ribbing, friendship, and camaraderie, make us all winners at the end of the day, online dating profile cracked and we're all shooting our Dream Guns! The checkering patterns are based on higher grade Fox guns. The barrels lock to the action with a horizonal cross pin through the top tang on the barrels. Beretta Silver Pigeons are great guns.

The buttstock was crafted with a Ballard style cheek piece on it and a Neidner checkered steel buttplate. American Walnut was used for the buttstock. There are good ammo sources though for short chamber guns. All metal surfaces repaired and polished and engraving recut.

  1. To save the amount of wood on the gun, a splinter forend was made and the buttstock was hollowed out in the rear under a normal buttplate.
  2. New buttstock and beavertail forend made from Turkish walnut.
  3. The stock was replaced with one of modern dimensions.
  4. Original dimensions were matched.
  5. The customer wanted a laminate stock installed onto it.
Old Belgium 12 gage double hammer marked T. Parker

Stock Making & Restoration

The level of finish and checkering was done in a way that the buttstock matches the condition of the original forend as well as the metal patina on the gun. The higher grade guns no, but certainly the field grade guns. Forend is in the classic splinter style.

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This is a discussion that can go on for hours. All screws were replaced not the action. All Stock work, bluing, popular dating polishing and engraving touchups done in shop.

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Fresh case color and Nitre Blue. The overall package is a nice one that provides a sound usable gun that does not scream that it has had its stock replaced. An original straight grip guard was fitted and engraved to match the gun. The original Fox profile and checkering pattern was replicated. Like all of my guns, I hope to pass them along to my son and daughter one day.

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Upgraded wood was used as well as some custom features such as checkered cheek panels and full cover checkering on the forend. Same story with the Arrietta. There are maybe half a dozen in this country with whom I would trust one of my good sxs's. An attractive piece of American walnut was selected that would not be too much for what the gun is.

The owner of the gun did not like the forend and wished a original style splinter forend be made for the gun. Just about any Parker hammer gun is worth owning and shooting. Assuming one favors the SxS and is satisfied with the barrel configuration, is the Parker a good choice for clay sports? Not knowing what your budget is they will probably be on the higher end of the guns you have mentioned.

Opinions On SxS Shotgun Brands

No, create an account now. Great gun with a great legacy! The dimensions were carefully measured from the other gun and replicated in the new one. The barrels were rust blued and other blued parts were Nitre blued.

The Parker Gun Collectors Association

Sometimes the Parker guys win, and sometimes the Elsie guys do. The original stock on this Parker was far too short for most shooters. You can get that for much less than you will pay for a Parker. The buttstock has a right side palm swell and left side cheek piece. It was American made, and they looked great.

Many of the Birmingham makers made guns for the London makers who then put their name on them. As I noted above, the big twelve fits beautifully. No matter the make, model, dating tips for cancer or country of origin.

Antique Double Barrel Shotgun Manufacturers

Buying from someone who specializes in SxS's is the best way to avoid an expensive education in loose ribs, action faces, nerds and worn or broken springs. The lower tang of the frame was bent and screw mount modified. Metal will be refinished by the customer at a later date. Will appreciate any and all input. What was that guy thinking?

There are many Parker junkers floating around as well, still getting high prices due to naive buyers. Smith book came out, Parker Bros. The original stock of this Parker was broken through the head and wrist.

Opinions On SxS Shotgun Brands
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